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Yokohama (lyrics)

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Behind the Music: Yokohama is home. Yokohama is the past, present, and future. Yokohama is a hiding place. Yokohama is a dream state. Yokohama is peace of mind.

It's dedicated to family, friends, the future me, and the love of my life who will be revealed in time. Most importantly, it's my favorite place in Japan. A song with multiple meanings. CHORUS 横浜の観覧車が回ると、人生のサイクルも変わるよ。すべての出来事には意味がある。 [As the Ferris Wheel turns, the cycle of my life changes. Everything you can do has meaning]

RAP 1 横浜は一番好きな場所 [Yokohama is my favorite place] Home away from homeみたいな感じだよ [Kinda like] 夜の景色は素敵の奇跡 [The night scenery is so pretty] 完ぺきsynergy, you and me

[Perfect] in between finned sheets and 心Beats [Heartbeats] Chemistry, energy flowing from our veins I look both ways before I cross your lane, 認め合うなら魂をつないで [If we admit it, connecting souls] お互いの目を見て [we look into each other’s eyes] What a fine time With this fine dime Sipping fine wine 気分so bright

[Feeling] Like a spot light 今晩伝えたい [Tonight, I wanna convey] あの考え [That thought] Going sky high Using fine lines I might Crash and burn, but if I don’t try I’ll never know what could’ve happened So I gotta learn to earn my success And blessings, they don’t come from above but from who I invest in And the rest is 歴史 [History] Until I Rest In Peace, I’ll travel to Yokohama in my dreams,じゃあ、 お休み [well, Goodnight] CHORUS


Needy I am so in love

I need you baby, I’ve missed you lately (Oh, yes I have)

君がいなくて眠れないmy baby, I need you! Oh!

[Without you, I can't sleep]

RAP 2 Yokohama is my inner peace My family, my conscious and my sanity 友達 [friends] Newfound hope in humanity

A safe flight when I land in peace 未来の恋人と娘と息子 [My future son(s) and daughter(s)] 七転び八起きって事 ["Fall down seven times, get up eight times" type of thing] Never give up 敵が多いほど [I got a lot of enemies] でも [but...] hate is just love without admission

watch them talk it up then soften up and chalk it up I’ll walk it out Speak loud and proud when I talk it out 必ずこうして生きれるbecause 。。。 [I can live like this because]

PRE-VAMP Feel what I’m feelin’

Look but are you seeing?

You’re thinking ‘bout the right way

Don’t overthink, here I am




(At that 新年会, you changed my life

一目惚れ ,you can call it love at first sight)

[新年会 = New Year Party, 一目惚れ = Love at first sight]




That's the type of life we live in

A cycle of boos and yays, ups and downs

Good days and bad days, but at the end of the day

Everything is everything, we're gonna be ok

You can listen to this on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and ALL other music streaming platforms! Thank you for reading and listening!

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