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Hello, my name is Dorian Andrews!

I am a blogger and an English teacher based in Yokohama, Kanagawa.

This YouTube Channel is dedicated to my friends, family, and fans who wish to follow my  music journey and daily life in Japan.

Video Topics Include:

Japanese Culture Explained in English

English Culture Explained in Japanese

Video Game & Music Reviews

Japanese Language (words, phrases, slang)

English Language (words, phrases, slang)

Top 5 and Top 10 Listings

Daily Life in Japan

Traveling Abroad

What Does My Name Mean?

D is the first letter of my first name, which is Dorian. 


TV is the indication that you are watching my personal YouTube video channel. 


Oreo is a famous cookie in America.  


Doreo was my nickname when I was in high school. 


It had a negative meaning when I was in high school. I was one of the only African American students in a lot of my advanced classes growing up. Because of that, I had a lot more white friends than black friends. In American high schools, there are a number of cliques and social groups: preps, the jocks, stoners, emo-goths, anime/manga otaku, the athletes, the ratchet hood cliques, band nerds, theatre kids...There are so many! I don’t have time to discuss them all right now. Maybe next time...


I was a floater, not belonging to any specific group. I didn’t have many enemies and I tried to please everyone. A lot of people saw me as the black guy who “acted white”. I was friends with a lot of Caucasian students, so I was therefore black on the outside and white on the inside. I had no clue that this was racially discriminatory until I graduated from high school in 2013. Once I started my college life at Towson University, people’s liberal thinking led me to recognize how my nickname was degrading my character down to a stereotype.

私はフローターで、特定のグループには属していませんでした。敵はあまりいなかったので、みんなを喜ばせようとしました。多くの人が私を「白く振る舞った」黒人だと思っていました。私は白人の学生がたくさんいる友達だったので、外側は黒く、内側は白でした。 2013年に高校を卒業するまで、これが人種差別的であるという手がかりはありませんでした。タウソン大学で大学生活を始めると、人々の寛大な思考から、私のニックネームが私の性格をステレオタイプにまで低下させていることに気づきました。

However, I learned how to embrace the nickname once again by giving new meaning to it. Yes, I am an African American male. My desire in this life is to constantly learn from others and purify my soul from all negative thoughts and past sins. Although it is easier said than done, that is my never ending goal as a human being. Also, the black and white represents the way I view a lot of concepts and statistics of the world. There are no gray areas. There are no new flavors. An original Oreo is an original Oreo. This cannot and never will be duplicated. It is one of a kind. Lastly, the nickname represents Yin and Yang, or balance and harmony, within myself and my beliefs. I have turned an oppressive and offensive name into something that gives me encouragement and strength. That is the meaning of DoreoTV.


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