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No New Friends (lyrics)


Started from the bottom

We gonna finish together

Even if you dream alone

Who’s gonna do it better?

A-1s since Day One will be here forever

When the end comes and my life’s done

Remember from polyester to leather

Lions we the kings of the jungle

Ain’t no Empire when they’re fiends here among us

We flying high, Snakes grow wings in their slumber

Never retire, legends stay for the long run

Now let me clear

Intentionally make enemies? That’s not why aim here

They happen to appear, when my end goals seem near

Wolves in sheep’s clothing, think they’re thick but really sheer, look in the mirror


Fake friends what are you here

Only Real ninjas make the real dough

Packing out arenas like the Fillmore

I’ll never sell my soul so you can feel more


No new friends (2)

No new friends (2)

Gotta protect myself with discernment

Protect myself with discernment

Gotta protect yourself with discernment

Protect yourself with discernment


Protect yourself, like Wu Tang said

Protect your neck, or you’ll lose your head

The head of the house it’s my way or the highway

I follow my way and YAHWEH not y’all way

If you don’t rock adidas, you gon’ get checked

Last time that I checced , Nipsey was the blueprint

Geechi Gotti on my watchlist while I’m listening to Blue Tint

Don’t worry ‘bout my crib, at least I got one, pay your part of the rent

If you don’t bump Drake or Justin Timberlake

We ain’t got the same taste so when we chat you can’t fake

The funk, a skunk 🦨 smell is your kitchen

Must be from all the bad batches of the snitching you’ve been whipping pimping

Pretty pennies ain’t getting plenty of shine these days

Since I found a dime piece I had to cut off some lights like Ron Weasely

First impressions mean everything

If your book cover sounds displeasing, I believe it



~Thanks for reading!~

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