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You (Love Again) (lyrics)


It wasn’t always so Christian clean

Let’s take it back to when my mind was playing tricks on me


I like everything, I’m like Boaz looking for my Ruth

I like a girl who not only knows truth but becomes living proof

That our savior lives, I like a girl that reads

Her bible, cookbooks, Christian books, whatever she needs

To get by, I say bye to the types I use to like

Because she’s not only pretty but also feeds my spiritual appetite

I like everything, I like the boldness of the heart on her shoulders

I like her singing in the choir, those velvet vocals take me over

I like her hair, short just like the Coffee Prince

She comes to my doorstep like she ain’t got no sense

She out there, I’m in here, so come in, sit in this chair

I like to flirt so I’ma cook you up some Savoir Faire

Debonair extraordinaire, like J.J. I like the flare

All-4-One by the moon we on tune, yes I swear

I like the way her lips taste, like a cake but not a devil

Devil cake is for the rebel, she’s an angel I’m a saint, no I ain’t lying

I like everything, at least I thought that was true

Then I realized I didn’t know what I liked ‘till I met YOU


I’ve been waiting on you/Oh how I need you

You make my skies so blue

No more shades of gray, you make my day dreams

Come true, I when I found you (I realized)

[I can love again]


This feeling that I’m feeling, I can’t describe

This feeling that I’m feeling, I can’t deny

Then a feeling that’s appealing comes in my life

That feeling that I’m feeling is just a lie

That feeling that I’m killing is justified

I want you, but that feeling is suicide

I want you, so that feeling has got to die

I want you, so I lust after the thought of having you

I want you to feel the same so my feelings won’t be misconstrued

Is that rude, is that too much to ask of you?

I want you, not just for your body, but your heart too

I want you, boo, I want you to be my boo, and I be your dude

But this wish becomes a myth the more I think about me and you

Together, our worlds are so different, so you won’t commit

We had to split ‘cause the idea of us being serious is an endangerment

So hope is depleting, I need a fix

And sin is all fun and games on the internet

And I want to stop the deed but not quite yet

And when my flesh is satisfied, I’m not impressed

I made my bed, but I don’t wanna lay in this mess

Now I’m stressed because the curse of Adam has my heart depressed

My defiance leaves me defiled, but grace paid my debt

And yet I still say I can’t regret

The day that I met YOU


Oh how I needed you

You made me feel brand new

No more shades of gray, you made my day dreams

Come true, but was it all a ruse? I’m confused

[How can I love again?]


I tried to make it work, but it was never meant to be

Never thought that you would ever try to change me

Rearrange me, why would you? Doesn’t make sense

I asked are you with me or nah? You were always on the fence

I thought relationship was suppose to not define but compliment

But every time I compliment you, you analyze and try to redefine

My compliment, it doesn’t make sense, I said what I meant

I’m very much a literal, there’s no point in subliminal

I’m bitter full of resentment, and plentiful is the spite

The word says we’re salt and light, but I’m just salty and not bright

My heart should be light like a feather but it’s heavy

I’m starting to think I wasn’t ready, for the day I met HER

‘Cause I met YOU

But I know better now...

~Thank you for reading!~

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