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Oda Nobunaga (Interlude) (lyrics)

The Fool of Owari [SPOKEN WORD]

I know you want and I got what you need

So don’t ask no more questions please

俺を変えようとしないで、「付き合ってください!』言わなくていい (Don’t try to change me, It’s ok not to say “Please date me!”)

誰にも関係ない,only you and me, we know who we are to each other

(I don't care about other people)

Don’t need commitment, just admission of our feelings, without restrictions


(Once I drink you, I become immortal like an old Chinese monk)


(Only because it’s fun, I’m not your boyfriend but I’m a lover)

Souls tied, closed eyes, moon rise, who’s mine? No one’s buying it

Only God and my family claim me, who do you claim to be?

I mean, come on, really?

Delusional ain’t even the half of it, there’s a crescent in the crevice of your pupil

ちゃんと顔を洗ってね (Wash your face properly, ok?)

心の四つの壁にひびが入っている (There’s a crack in the four walls of my heart)

多くのことで直す(I fix it with many things)

花火は短期間しか続かない (Fireworks only last for a short time)

それでもきれいでしょ?大丈夫,it’s alright (Even so, it’s pretty, you know? It’s ok)



It wasn’t until everything I’ve built began to crumble in the heat of rebellion

That I realized how much I meant to you

I toyed with your emotions just like my acquaintances and “finish-my-sentence” friends did to me

And the cycle continues, leaving burning leaves on the autumn trees in the oddest season

何が欠けているのかわからなかった (I didn’t know what was missing)

手に血があり、爪に皮膚がある (Blood on my hands and skin in my nails)

トップにたどり着くために戦った (I fought to reach the top)

Only for someone to take my place, now he has everything I lived and bled for

Now my neck’s sore from turning so many times to check for swords aimed toward my back I’m back to being paranoid

This hurt and pain I can’t avoid

All I aimed for was seek and destroy

But my enemies learned from me, that’s a snake’s ploy

Profiting on the downfall of my fellow men

The nemesis mimicking diligence for my grand ambition

My vassals wrassled and hassled me about intuition

Right under my nose was a traitor with his own mission

毎日が晴れてない,静かな暗い夜 (Everyday is not sunny, silent dark nights)

死んでるかな?君なしでは死んだ気分 (Am I dead? I feel dead without you)

I’m such a fool, led you on and fed us both lies

Us together, forever gone too soon


~Thank you for reading!~

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