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My Brother's Keeper (Genesis 4:9) (lyrics)

My Brother’s Keeper


Please don’t change your mind

You’re one of my greatest treasures

Where your treasure is, that’s where your heart will be

I am a vessel full of power

A treasure from the Lord, somewhere along the way I forgot 

(8 bars)


Chose to be with a girl who didn’t see my value just utility

Ability to be used like utensils so bittersweet

You warned me about it, while having war with your job

I regret to this day I didn’t support your heart

You lashed out and told me I was selfish

Made your birthday plans so complicated

Full of drama, resulted in isolating myself from my brother

You knew I loved her 

(8 bars)

But if you only knew the things she said

Like “You are two complete opposites, no way y’all should be friends”

She could never be more wrong!

My Jonathan if I’m King David

When I settle on my throne, we’ll say “NINJA WE MADE IT!”

Got the same handshake, from 2016 to forever

From to Odawara Castle to Kamakura Hase Dera 

Every chat and new adventure with you made me better

(4 bars)


Who do men say that I am?

When God asks where is he

Am I my brother’s keeper? 

I’ll say “Yes I am! YES I AM!”


Clubbin’ in Shibuya, Bar hoppin’ in Ikebukuro

Get our NERD on shopping retro at SUPER POTATO

From Kawagoe to Koshigaya

You drove out to to check out my 3DK crib, but you I admire

Yeah we had a falling out when I was dating COVID

Taste of her lips hit different when my eyes opened

I prayed for things unspoken

but you can never fix what’s broken

Fast forward 2022 in Yokosuka, 

Constant contact with my bros like I’m supposed to

Heard about your counseling and struggle with depression

I’m guessing, International marriage also teaches hard lessons

My brother told you “Stop fighting on your own, give it up to God. He wants you because he made you come back home.”

That’s paraphrasing but those pair of phrases changed your life

It’s a miracle to see the blessings falling on you and your wife

You say I got all the talent

But I say you got all the skills

And you got all the humor and charm, look in the mirror

They say don’t judge a book by its cover 

But with this one we’re as happy as we appear, for real


Written by Dorian Darrell Andrews, AKA DORIAN DERRELL

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