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Mood (lyrics)

Old lady asking me to answer the door

I’m like are you for real? (mmmhmmm)

She wanna buy groceries

I wanna eat the full course meal in front of me (mhhhhmm)

I guess that’s just how it is when you love who you with

Take out trash, do the dishes, don’t answer with (mmmhmmm)

Let’s go back to memory lane


Baltimore City

All my TU Alumni, holla if you hear me!

Just came back from Tokyo International University

In 2016

That December, I remember

The closet came walking in, skeleton of a man

My Uncle Chip acting like nothing’s wrong

But he sings a new song now, revealed his truths to us all now

Dressing differently got his wife in disbelief

Riots and protests are rampant in the streets

Cover ups, fake drug busts, can’t trust police

From film to Asian Culture, changed my expertise

Sitting on the train, tears in my eyes

Just two more years and I’ll escape the demise

Of this great nation, my home is under God, but neighborhood of lies

Beyond my reach, I need a new lease on life


When I drop piece of bread on the floor

God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt (Hmmmm)

Before the sun shines brighter and my burdens get lighter

Life gets better in time after the worst (Hmmmm)

It’s time to MOVE YEAH

That’s just my MOOD YEAH



Back in Saitama, but this time it’s to teach

Elementary and Junior High schools

I represent my country, but with insufficient tools

A fool’s gold, I just needed to go

Already bought a one-way ticket to LA to Incheon to Tokyo

Turned down some, one fell through

So I chose the last ditch effort interview because I had to

Back with my best friend for his girlfriend’s graduation

The ceremony ends, yet another journey begins

He gets on one knee, she says yes immediately

Like a movie scene, a crowd of spectators applaud including me

One day that’ll be me, I thought to myself

But first thing’s first, I’ma need some help

Understanding my flaws and how to be independent

Paying bills, insurance, external content

Giving fans assurance, my change is not counterfeit

Hobbies turned bodies of work, masterpieces

Works of art, nobody can rebuttal my thesis

And this job I got I put my whole heart into

But what happens when it tears my heart in two? Wish I knew…




Full of drama

Like the Staten Island dump

Call it the dump of Saitama

Backs curved like banana shaped ears of a llama

The largest mall in Japan is here, Laketown

Besides that, no one else and nothing else is around

On the news, a stalker stabbed his ex in the neck

COVID-19 numbers spike near my front steps

Crack fiends on benches, another unmasked hostess

Waiting for her ride, another check from Mr. hopeless

Saw yakuza on the train today

Back to my apartment, I was on my way

Tatted up blondie, squatting next to me, in all black

On the phone, man! you know we ain’t supposed to do that!

Forced to live in this wasteland by a waste of a company

Waste of my time, my love for kids trust of people was cut from me

Wasn’t enough for me, gave efforts over 9000

But crumbs and pennies were left to me, every month struggling

That’s why I have YouTube so I can tell you too

Be inspired but learn to escape my fires

Mistakes are great teachers, never settle for a meager salary

Just to be in a country you think you need to be in

Don’t believe in the hype

The grass ain’t always greener

Stay away from the junk food or you won’t get leaner

Still practicing taking my own advice

If there’s a ticket to freedom, then I’m paying the price


Got into my Obama bag

That’s why I moved to Yokohama

Cause I can

Even when they don’t understand

Why you go without a plan

Just know it’s in good hands

You think you don’t got one but you’re on one

Just look up to the sun,

Same beats, on different keys

My life’s like these

Time to switch it up

~Thank you for reading!~

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