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Minato Mirai (Proverbs 17:17) (lyrics)


Yokohama classic, from Alabama to Baltimore

Somehow ended up in Kawagoe, Coedo, then Koshigaya, and now...

Midori Ward my new home, you already know

DORI DERRELL, I got another story to tell

About my brother who's doing oh so well


Yokohama, the best place to be

Better than my hometown Ozark, Baltimore or D.C.

A mini version of Charm Cuty Harbor, walking with a father of a daughter who just happens to be my niece

Sipping on some lemonade, but not just any lemonade (Shake Shack)

Bumping Crae and Ye around the bay, I need to (lay back)

Seats decline as we define the meaning of a (kick back)

Kicking it, talking about back in the days when we ate (tic tacs)

Refreshing our memories like New Game in a SEGA Genesis

Blaster ball and Kim Possible games using AOL internet

So nostalgic, those childish things were mane

But now I counter strikes with home runs so my pockets don’t tank

Being a tiger for life, my only way to get out

So I packed my bags with a couple bands but of course you helped me a lot

Too many thoughts like “Why am I here?” And “Who I wanna be?”

One thing’s for certain I’m so thankful you never chose to leave me



Walking round the block with my big bro


little princess by my side

This joy I can’t hide









All the women that you dated

Made you feel jaded

Dreams of living married and with kids slowly faded

Till you met your mother’s daughter, a baby in her dreams

Hair curly, look like poppy, but rock the name Jazzy

Because of you I believe in sewing what you wanna reap

You sponsored me 2016 something I’ll never come close to paying back

Because of you I made it back

Because of you I found a home

Because of you I’m not alone

Because of you my faith is strong

And now I help others along the way

My best friend, coworkers on my job

To the crowds I sing, everyone gonna hear about God

And when the struggle is too hard

The demons whisper in my ear 

Your words I hold close so I know I have nothing to fear

Fear itself

Wants me to believe I’m by myself

Dear myself

I write words in the blood, my  tongue is a sword

Piecing the evil thoughts and separate them from my heart

Life will get better

When I gave my life to God that was the start

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity

And I don’t pity the devil when he attempts to sever our unity

The hard times and bold lies of the world brings stressing

But Andrews family ain’t nothing to mess with

When my parents struggled to find food to eat

I was birthed to make the family complete

You stepped up as the leader of the siblings

And I always saw you for who you were and are, an inspiration for me



Written by Dorian Darrell Andrews, AKA DORI DERRELL

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