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Drink Up (lyrics)

Drink Up (飲もう)


学校めんどくさい (School is a hassle)

仕事めんどくさい (Work is a hassle)

근대, 오늘밤 우리는 괜찮을거야 (But tonight we’re gonna be alright)

何があっても(whatever happens)

楽しみにしよう(let’s look forward to it)

We gon’ party

予定が無し、暇いっぱいし(no plans, lot of free time)

We gon’ party

Please(Wingman for me bro)

彼女はお菓子のように美味しそう(She looks delicious like candy)

Ooh wee (DJ가 필요 없어)(we don’t need a DJ)

最高のplaylistもう使ったから(I’ve made the perfect playlist, so...)

それ弾いてみよう(let’s play that)

飲もう、飲もう (2) (Let’s drink!)

Solo no more

飲みに行こう (Let’s go out to drink)

行こう(2) (Let’s go!)

みんなで朝まで (Everybody, until the break of dawn)

Party しよう!飲もう飲もう!(Let’s party, Let’s drink)

もっともっと (More More!)

한번 더 (One more time!)

飲もう飲もう!(Let’s drink!)


読むmy Bible (reading my bible)

おれdisciple (I’m a disciple)

ちょう やばい、you (You’re crazy)

I do not follow

世界回る (World is spinning)

無いよno rival (I got no rival)

比べる物はないよ (No comparisons)

乗らないtidal (Don’t ride the tidal)

Only my mind full

考えだらけ (Full of thoughts)

God, I’m so mindful

いつも俺が特別だったことを知っていた、I knew (I always knew I was special)

Full Moon, 桜咲こう (cherry blossom, let’s bloom!)

I know my worth,

生まれてきたときから (Since I was born)

カッコいいにしてる (I’m cool)

I drink living water 毎日飲んでる (Everyday I drink)

I’ll be your number 5 in your top 5

約束するyou’re gonna love me (I’ll convince you)

プールや海 (Pool or the beach)

どっちでもみんなで泳げる (Whichever one, we can swim together)

頭彷徨ってる (My mind is drifting)

I gotta boast, propose a toast, for all the underdogs digging up gold

Once was a ghost, now I’m a Boss

コーヒーを飲みながら (While I drink alcohol coffee)

頭回と世界変わる (2) (The world changes once my head spins)

頭回ると世界回る、頭に。。。(The world spins when my head spins, To my head...)



We went from “ashy

to classy”

Just like Biggie said

Only difference is, I’m alive, and well...

I’ve been the best (At doing me)

And I’m still the best (At doing me)

난 혼자가 아니(I’m not alone)

Whole team is full of vets

All my haters my pets

Put their disease to rest

One shot is all you get

Best hasn’t come just yet

My soul is not for sale

I don’t believe in spells

Did this all by myself



~Thank you for reading!~

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