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Boomerang (lyrics)

Updated: Dec 12, 2021


You got a choice to make

Don’t know how much time it’ll take

But I don’t mind the wait

Please get all you can take



Back and forth, scoring points on the court



Rub on the bottle

Genie might pop out

Teeny weeny itty bitty turns pretty biggie

骨付き I’m just being FRANK


No filter, no blinds

I want them to see you’re all mine


[Ooh baby]

セクシーベイビーwhat’s up?

早くput that dress up

Or I can take it off ya


I wanna make you happy [tonight]

Bed まで

我慢できなくても許せる(even if you can’t be patient I’ll forgive you)

恥ずかしくないで (don’t be shy)

CHORUS 重なり合うSideways(2) Tetris stack the blocks sideways We connect the dots our way

I let you go then you throw it back

Back and forth like boomerang, boomerang


I’m not really the type to go from behind I’d rather be straightforward with you I’ma show you how I really feel Are you feeling real? Let’s chill No fakin’ we’re gon’ make it if you say we will, I’ll make you feel something Dig deeper and find a love divine Locked inside those bone cages Raging when I crave it Can’t contain it, so contagious love is, love is what it is, love does what it did when you loved but got dissed and dismissed, lucky me, who is this?, it’s your second chance to make it last longer

I’m drinking from your water

If you feel me up I’ll grab a coaster

Paint a picture like I’m Mozart

FUJI-Q のようなRoller coaster,

Oh God, your bottle just spilt I’ll go get a lid from kitchen Hey, did you miss me?


Don’t close your eyes and look into my mine tonight I’m caressing the small of your back and behind

[手を差し伸べて] Feels so right We need this night

良い気持ち 必要今晩

~Thank you for reading!~

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