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Aobadai (lyrics) [Unreleased, Unmastered]



Living in Tokaichiba

Feeling like I wanna die

Working in Aobadai

Everyday I go to work and feeling like I’ve died


They say we work to live

Not live to work

Lately it’s been feeling like the other way around

They say before the coastal sands

Gotta play in the dirt

It’s a strategy now


No Final Fantasy it’s all reality, tactics

Got a style that none of you can match with

But I’m feeling underrated and unappreciated

Like anything that’s the same quality as a Tempur Pedic mattress

Charge double for the brand

So I only get the fans

Of the great value

But they don’t know how to use

The grand investment they just handed themselves

Not understanding my wealth

緑区chillin’, 落ち着くに住める


I teach kids who don’t even wanna be there

The parents pop up in the end cause they don’t even wanna see them

Treat the studies like payment plans for a daycare

Can only take this good money with a clean conscious if they care



CEOはElectric car, おれボーナスなし


Gotta request two months in advance for a paid vacation and the most frustrating

Thought the salary was good ‘til them bills multiplied, OH MY

But then again I’m not surprised

I saw the writing on the wall but ignored the signs

Health insurance, Pension, Social Insurance

City taxes and,

Hole I’m in deepens, going on the deep in

In the end, Gotta begin again

Adulthood is never easy

But it’s double if you live in a country that’s not your home, believe me


Thank you for reading and listening!

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